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GreenPod Synergy Station

GreenPodTM has moved the WATERHAUS model home of the future and the DESIGN CENTER Office Pod to be part of SENERGY Station, 1531 W. Sims Way. This location will bring together businesses dedicated to sustainable lifestyles, showcasing more artisans furnishing energy saving products and healthy innovations in building. Showcased are Pine Kit Sheds starting at $4000.00, as well as garden products and information. Find out about Labor Leaders sustainable vocational training while you are there.

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Customized Affordable Homes

Healthy Sustainable Seattle Modular Homes by GreenPod

Woman-owned GreenPod Development, LLC creates green-jobs by building new Seattle modular homes with healthy interiors and furnishings. GreenPod assures basic human needs: clean water, clean air, natural light, temperature-controlled, efficiently-designed homes in a beautiful environment. GreenPod Intelligent Environments selects only sustainable, socially responsible and traceable sourced material for interior and exterior construction. We also provide design services and healthy products for any home.

Our WaterHaus designs are the first homes to offer sustainable healthy interiors. Designer Ann Raab utilizes movable walls, natural and cost-efficient lighting and interior glass to visually enlarge living spaces, while reducing the home's environmental footprint to only 450-square-feet that contains everything you need. Our smallest Seattle modular homes design complies with city codes for affordable dwelling units and offers barrier free designs for wheelchair access.

Our factory-built home can be transported to your site. We also sell house kits that you assemble on your site, including floating homes and tree houses.

All of our Efficient homes can be upgraded in size to compliment your needs and your site. We maximize solar gain and view while creating privacy. Customized homes are designed with your budget in mind with complete menu and a la carte options.

GreenPod’s interior and textile designer, Suzanne DeVall, utilizes organically-grown fibers woven into luxurious fabrics. Through decades of research, DeVall uncovered the tobacco plant’s untapped potential, not only for nontoxic dyes but also as a fiber that blends well with yarns such as cotton, wool, silk, and cashmere. You can read more about these materials at the Ploughboy OrganicsTM website.

Our Waterhaus model, now on display, was locally built and funded in Port Townsend. The model features the work of 27 local talented artisans using sustainable or recycled materials in new, innovative multi-use furnishings.

GreenPod promotes new green innovation to make sustainable lifestyles easier. The future cost of the energy efficiency and low maintenance homes are benefits, but the real value of GreenPod is creating healthy homes for ourselves, our communities and our planet.

Designed for health. Built for life. Call us now at 360-385-5614, GreenPod Showroom located at SENERGY Station, 1531 W. Sims Way, Port Townsend, WA.

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