small cottage designs

small cottage designs

What are we about?

GreenPod’s vision is to be able to create sustainable living through quality, innovation and healthy environments. With our plans and designs, not an inch of space is wasted. Our planet demands change, and it’s obvious that going tiny is one of the first steps we must take to train ourselves to be able to live with a smaller carbon footprint.
Woman-owned GreenPod Development, LLC creates green-jobs by building new site-built homes with healthy interiors and furnishings. GreenPod assures basic human needs: clean water, clean air, natural light, temperature-controlled, and efficiently-designed homes. GreenPod Intelligent Environments selects only sustainable, socially responsible, and traceable sourced material for interior and exterior construction. We provide architectural design and construction services, specializing in making custom sustainable homes and products in or around Port Townsend, WA.


DIYer? We sell plans!

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The Waterhaus POD

This eco-friendly home model demonstrates the Built Green principle. It can be a preconfigured site-built home using Structurally Insulated Panels (SIPs) ensuring a well-insulated, tightly built shell. The Waterhaus showcases energy efficiency, low maintenance, and non toxic materials. These all promote superior indoor air quality inside the sealed tight home.

This particular Model has a u-shaped layout, 554 sq ft, allowing both the living room and the bedroom corner windows. Transom windows are essential to make small spaces feel larger. Her dimensions are 16’ x 34’. She is our only model home on-site, and you can come to visit her if you ever come to Port Townsend, Washington.

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The Freedom POD

The Freedom POD is a small DADU designed for comfortable and barrier-free living. When needed, it’s ready for high-level caregiving for disabled or elder residents. Generations of the family can truly age in place.

This is the perfect DADU for a range of uses: office space, rental, guesthouse, or assisted living that’s disabled-friendly.

This design has been vetted and certified by the Veteran’s Association for a housing grant for disabled veterans to live independently. The energy-efficient interior and maintenance-free exterior, are designed for LEED and Built-Green Certification. This particular model is a 320 sq ft

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The Sunset POD

This is another design built to Built-Green standards. The second story deck, windows and private sitting area will suit many locations! This Sunset POD is an 18’ x 18’ footprint at 581 sq ft.

She is an all-electric home, and uses an on-demand water heater, and induction cooktop, radiant heaters, and is solar ready!

The sealed concrete floors and Ikea cabinets keep her budget on the lower end. She comes with a bike shed, ready to support your sustainable lifestyle!

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The Duo POD

This POD is designed to Universal Design, LEED, and Built-Green standards. She’s a 521 sq ft home, with a covered porch.

This accessible home, with an emphasis on flexibility, enables aging-in-place. She is a perfect design for couples, singles, and the mobility-challenged. The “Duo” refers to the flexible design. It can be a one-bedroom residence, or a studio home plus an office. Each has a separate entry door.

This is a discrete building, fitting for suburban backyards without having much impact on the neighbors.

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The Chelsea POD

This POD is designed to Universal Design, LEED, and Built-Green standards. She is a 494 sq ft DADU.

She can suit a wide range of occupants: singles, couples, small families, but mostly, the elderly and mobility-challenged. This home feels expansive with a modern open layout on the inside, adorned with a loft overlooking the living space. The traditional exterior brings some comfort and minimally impacts neighbors.

This is a design also suitable for detached-garage renovation.

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Want to learn more about building your own house?

Check out our website:, we have made several videos educating those interested in sustainable living. Learn about how to pick the right piece of land, our building process, tiny home living, constructing a rain garden, our sustainable building methods and more!

“GreenPod has been selected as one of the 3 best tiny home builders in Washington.”

Custom Home Magazine August 2017

“Greenpod Development builds a beautiful and modern home that has everything you could want or need.”

Tiny Houses December 2016

“GreenPod’s Waterhaus is a tiny, prefabricated eco-friendly home.”

TreehuggerJuly 2016