Port Townsend – Small Home Plans


420 sq. ft.
$85,000 and up



  • BASIC PLANS $250.00 include – Floor plan(s), elevations and a walk through – this set will allow you to decide if the plans actually fit your specific needs and the site parameters of your project.
  • SCHEMATIC PLANS $500.00 – includes the basic set plus structural, electrical and plumbing drawings – with these you will be able to review with a local builder the project to determine a preliminary cost.  If you require assistance in finding a local builder with the proper experience let us know.  We can often locate at least two through professional associations that you can interview.
  • DETAILED PLANS $700.00 – include the schematic set plus specifications and standard details that more fully describe to your builder the construction methods and materials required to build the plan.  It may be that you require a small amount of alterations to create the home you want.  We can provide customization to our plans for a simple fixed fee.
  • PERMIT PLANS $1,250.00 – include the detailed set plus all other pertinent information required for permit submittal on your site.  This level of plans will require detailed information about your site such as location, water source, septic/sewer, etc.  In many cases there are several professionals who may also be required to submit documentation such as engineers, surveyors, etc.  Again if you need help we can assist you in gathering the site information and locating local professionals.
Building a home or even a small accessory structure is a team process that in some cases is as simple as providing a local builder a set of prescriptive plans.  In other cases it is more complex.  Your building department may have a more stringent review process and/or submittal requirements.  We design our pods utilizing the International Residential Code (IRC) which is accepted in most jurisdictions throughout the US and even abroad.  However, most jurisdictions have their own addenda to the codes.  For the “Permit Plans” listed above we will need to review these in order to fully satisfy your particular requirements.  Typically a discussion with your builder and the permit department or on-line review of their application will suffice.  

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