Where do we start?

There are several ways the GreenPod team assists you during the design, construction and placement of your GreenPod. We’re there to help at every step, from guidance in land selection, to information on how to obtain traditional financing. Our comprehensive services include assisting with building code permitting requirements as well as capitalizing on your property’s assets for maximum view and solar potential.

Once we’ve gathered all your land information and confirmed the allowable building area , set-back information, and financing approval, we can help you choose a plan and make design modifications to suit your needs and budget. Greenpod provides preliminary plans, estimates, elevations and views in PDF format, along with a 3D model for you to view on your computer. This allows you to fully view and understand your new home from the inside out in a comprehensive format. GreenPod or your contractor prepares an estimate for site preparation, foundations, as well as making other needed site improvements.

During your design meeting, we discuss how to take advantage of the site and discuss your needs. In addition, we can discuss and explore the incorporation of active and passive solar power.

The next step involves using a 3D modeling program to conceptualize your home on the site. We start with energy efficient and a non-toxic shell design. Next, we focus on interior components and finishes based on your budget .

With appropriate engineering, we then develop a permit drawing set. After that you can choose GreenPod Fabricators for construction in the Port Townsend area or we coordinate the foundation and work with your local building team.

From our first design meeting to the construction of your Pod, we estimate that once all the preparatory work is complete, the actual time to build or your GreenPod could be as little as 3-4 months.


Why Own A Greenpod Home?

Significant cost savings over traditional custom home

Design efficiency = no waste of material and space
Sips manufacturing process = efficiency = saves time and money
Beautiful custom architectural plans and interior designs
Minimal site disruption = less grading
Reduced ongoing operation cost and maintenance

Durable building materials = lower maintenance
Energy efficient design = lower utility costs
Water efficiency = lower water usage and costs
Passive solar design = lower heating costs
Eco-friendly design benefits

GreenPod is FSC certified and BuiltGreen
Non-toxic materials = healthier indoor environment = healthier YOU!
Recycled materials = healthier planet



GreenPod Development LLC offers a variety of sustainable, energy efficient home designs. From custom homes to homes on wheels, we are dealing with a variety of budgets depending on the needs of the client. The cost of your Pod will depend on the complexity of the construction and design elements you choose.

We start with a highly energy efficient shell and passive solar design, saving you 75% over traditional framing construction. We are dedicated to reduce the impact on our planet. We do not use traditional stick frame construction in our designs for this reason. We try to educate the long term value of energy efficiency using structurally insulated panels, or SIP’s, and our design methods.

Our greenest Pods include solar panels and/or hydronic heating, green roofs, and interior packages featuring furniture and textiles selected for optimal indoor air quality.

To achieve a lower budget, we simplify the shell design, use efficient yet affordable windows (not vinyl), and sheet rock wrap (trimless) around openings. We can design around recycled materials as well. The main expense of the interiors comes from your kitchen and bath.

Pods start at $450 sq ft depending on your design and finish choices. This includes construction, but not the cost of your land or site preparation. The total cost of your Pod may also vary depending on your geographical area, site conditions, and services. Hybrid Pre-fab homes are cost efficient because they save time during the construction process and save money in utilities for your future.

Additional services we offer include site analysis, and obtaining local permits, foundation, photovoltaic panels, water catchment, solar and other sustainable systems. Our design process and construction techniques work together seamlessly to create a competitively priced, high-end, sustainable home. Thoughtful, beautiful design, environmentally friendly materials, efficient building systems, and competitive pricing are elements which make your Pod unique.

Main Costs

1. Site Preparation
Site preparation is the work needed to get your property ready for construction and to install the foundation and utility lines. We will work with you and your local contractor, depending on your location, to determine expected site costs based on slope, condition, and location. We recommend that the first step you take is to consult with your local contractor and local building department to determine all the requisites needed to build a home on your property.

2. Fabrication
Fabrication costs include exterior materials, roofing, windows, doors, interior finishes, low-flow plumbing fixtures, high energy-efficiency SIPs (Structurally Insulated Panels), and high performance mechanical systems. We offer many eco-friendly materials and building system choices to personalize your home. Sales tax is applied to Pods built within Washington State.

3. Site Improvement
These costs can include decks, garages, driveways, and varying degrees of landscaping. We can provide you with an estimate of these costs if you choose to have us build your house or your contractor will provide these figures for you.

4. Professional Fees
Engineering services are required for a custom designed GreenPod. Design and Engineering fees can be estimated once the scope of work for a custom designed GreenPod is understood.
We begin with the preliminary design phase and site evaluation, with a fee between $2500.00 to $5000.00. GreenPod provides plans, elevations and views in PDF format, along with a 3D model for you to view on your computer. This allows you to fully view and understand your new home from the inside out in a comprehensive format. Additional services include redesigns and custom interiors and finishes, and will be billed separately at an hourly rate, defined in our contract.

Auxiliary Costs

These are additional services and documentation that are required to build on your site.

• Land cost
• Land clearing, if needed
• Building Permit (County)
• Building Permit (City, including water and sewer connection fees)
• Excavation
• Foundation (Perimeter foundation on flat site)
• Setting of SIP’s, includes crane
• Footing drains and tight line gutter drains
• Gutter and downspouts
• Backfilling and grading
• Driveway gravel
• Utilities: power ditch, conduit, phone, propane, water
• PSE fees
• Plumbing connections under the Pod and electrical work
• Deck
• Septic system (County)