Seeking Partners

GreenPod Dealers

It is our experience that having a model is a prerequisite to selling.  The most useful examples include pods utilized as, an Office, a Vacation Rental, an Assisted Living Dwelling (ALD), a Studio, a GreenPod Boutique, an Accessory Dwelling Unit (ADU).


Interested in a sustainable GreenPod for a client or possible ‘spec’ house?  We can help bring the projects to you as a certified GreenPod builder.  Fabrication of pods is flexible and can be done on-site as well as in a modular facility.

Interior Designers

We have exclusive textile, dyes, lighting and continue to expand the “ART WE LIVE IN” collection.  We are developing local cottage industries with sustainable, non toxic products by giving them our full support.


If you are using recycled, renewable or second use furnishing created with sustainable and non toxic materials we would like to talk to you about our “ART WE LIVE IN” collection.

Innovative Products Manufacturers

We often come across new products to research and post.  If you have something we may be interested in let us know.

Green Realtors

Are you looking for ways to promote client property as well as bring in more sustainable intentional communities?  Share with us your ideas and see how we can help.

Contact Information

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