Our Vision

GreenPod Development understands the demands for solutions for the environment and changing housing needs. Ours is a journey of discovering ways to create sustainable living through quality, beauty, innovation and healthy environments. With the strength and synergy of our community and local talents, GreenPod Intelligent Environment achieves environmental objectives and solutions.

GREENPOD Intelligent Environment Team

Ann Raab – Founder, Architectural and Interior Design

Ann Raab is the visionary and creator of GreenPodTM Development. For the past decade, Ann has been refining her BuiltGreenTM practices and designs to create green homes that make green living affordable, aesthetically pleasing, and healthy for the mind, body, soul, and the environment. Ann desires to help a consumer own a home built with leading-edge technology and the collective knowledge and expertise of her team of talented professionals to develop sound, cost effective environmental objectives. You can view Ann’s larger-scale home designs at www.olympicdesigngroup.

Kevin Coker – Consulting Designer

Kevin has a professional degree in Architecture (BArch) and has devoted much of his career to designing small sustainable homes. He specializes in alternative energy and green building systems and has a Low-Impact Development Certification. Kevin has a background in construction and brings this expertise to each project. In addition, he is an advocate for low-income housing and has been a member of the Jefferson County Affordable Action Committee for over 10 years.

Tammi Swanson — Artistic Consultant & Design

Tammi has recently joined the team and community. She has run several businesses including a photography company and a Medical Spa. She was associate editor for a women’s magazine and creative director for an arts magazine. When it comes to design, she loves remodels and repurposing. She is an artist in everything she does — photography, websites, fashion — and our architectural and interior design projects!

Sam Heron — Office Assistant. & Design

GreenPod is currently sponsoring Sam on her Tiny Home Self Build. You can come visit her and see her progress on Sims Way!

Ty Miller – Architectural and Sustainable Designer

Ty Miller (Ann’s daughter) has been with GreenPod since its conception in 2007. She was instrumental in the branding process, designing the logo and helping to develop our foundation as an innovative company that focuses on thoughtful, sustainable living. In 2013, she received the Outstanding Branch Collaborative Leadership award from the Cascadia Green Building Council.

Vicki Beaver – Buildings Biologist, Consultant – Healthy homes

Vicki is a Bau – biologist. She has provided consultation on how our environment is making us sick and how we can solve it. Vicki, Kevin and Ann contributed to the BuiltGreenTM Guidelines for Jefferson County.

Renee Bennett Givens – Consultant, Aging with Options

Renee brings expertise in creating spaces that are healthy and safe for rehabilitation, extended care, and housing for the elderly that keeps them in close proximity to their family while retaining independence and privacy.

Dr. Heidi Wittman – School of Green Coordinator, Design and Office Support

Heidi is a licensed Naturopathic doctor who specializes in Classical Homeopathy and still consults in San Diego. She is passionate about furthering health on a community and global scale and is committed to Green Design and sustainability. With her love of Permaculture, she has helped to found our School of Green and she also helps the GreenPod Team with Design and Office support.

Bill Birney – Filmmaker and Musician

Bill is GreenPod’s visual conduit to the world. He has been writing and producing video for over 35 years. He has worked in many areas of the film, television and music industries in Los Angeles and here in the Pacific Northwest. Lucky for us, he has a passion for sustainability and he creates our GreenPod videos through his “green lens”. We are fortunate to have him as part of the GreenPod team!

GREENPODTM Construction Team

GREENPODTM Fabricators LLC – Ann Raab Contractors # GREENFL853QQ

Neil Nelson — Construction Manager

Neil is an accomplished journeyman carpenter with experience in new home construction as well as multi family and private renovation. He has owned his contracting business and has been project manager for many companies. Neil is certified in energy auditing, mold remediation and asbestos removal. He also has his CDL license with many endorsements including Hazmat tankers, doubles and triples. He has been building Greenpod homes since 2014.

Rob Gruye — Remote Project Manager

Rob heads up our away team for GreenPod Fabricators. He estimates whole house projects including feasibility. Rob, together with Ann Raab, designed and built the first “Built Green” home in Jefferson County. When he’s not working with GreenPod, he is busy at Double M Ranch restoring Morris Minors.


Kelly Conrad – Structural Engineer
Moises Solis – Design and Construction Coordinator
Benson Isley – Bainbridge Home Builder
Tom Burke – Low Income Home Designer
Jose Barajas — Architect – Spokane advisor
Melissa Wirkner — Customer management East Coast


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