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with Real Estate in Vancouver WA

GreenPod's® new sustainable community match has the capability to find viable Real Estate in Vancouver WA (as well as other states) in order to match you with like-minded neighbors with similar lifestyles and interests. GreenPod® would like your support in pursuing this new direction.

…For others in my neighborhood to be able to meet many needs more completely, deeply, and conveniently. For example, to be able to learn skills from neighbors who are passionate about them. And for our learning experience to be infused with enthusiasm and the power of true presence — when people are really grateful to one another for everyday exchanges. I imagine neighbors of all ages learning, teaching, serving, helping, collaborating, forming co-operatives. I’m genuinely enjoying a culture that is grounded in the present, in physical reality. I believe that’s where the local living economy begins" Neighbors On Purpose Briana Barrett-Squirrel.

Many people have found great business and personal relationships through match services online. This resources can help landowners find a group of compatible people sharing similar interests with an exchange of great solutions all over the nation.

We include professionals at all levels through nonprofit organizations and state funding. GreenPod® possesses energy technology that will enable the community to actually be at net zero. We hope everyone will consider the Living Building Challenge.

"I would love input and test cases for both property owners and people looking for land as we get this up and running. Send any idea to info" Ann Raab

Listed below is the criteria that people have expressed.

    • List all states ex. Real Estate in Vancouver WA -
  • BUDGET including property
    • <$100,000-$450
  • Number of bedrooms
    • 0-4
    • Community garden
    • Community aqua culture
    • Bees
    • Farming- chickens etc.
    • Shared garden
    • Pets allowed
    • No car- shared flex car
    • 1-2 cars on site
    • Parking away
    • Covered parking
    • Solar charger
    • Walkable access to services
    • Singles
    • Same sex
    • Shared parents
    • Chemically sensitive
    • Work /live - no kids
    • Aging in place
    • Single parents
    • Dog friendly
    • Healing arts
    • Shared Laundry
    • Vacation rental service
    • Shared guest area
    • Community space with kitchen
    • Support for aging
    • Art and shop area
    • Off grid
    • Interest in helping build your or others home
    • Interest in helping with food and farming

Coming soon to find an will list properties.


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