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Real Estate in Tacoma Washington

Whether you are looking for Real Estate in Tacoma, Washington or property in San Jose, California, we can help you find or create a community where you call home.

Community. It means making a commitment to support one another through an inevitable transition. Whether it is intentional or on purpose, neighbors can support , share skills and resources and share a vision.

For the past 4 years, GreenPod® Development has been promoting sustainable home and lifestyle choices with requests from all over the world. Many people have approached GreenPod® in regards to helping create communities and neighborhoods. The GreenPod® team has been in the process of creating workable housing solutions, first in Port Townsend, GreenPod® Headquarters. Affordable housing needs to have deeper parameters than simply building cheaply. GreenPod® agrees to build the highest standard on sustainability and to do so cost effectively.

We want to facilitate affordable community housing using practical and effective solutions for living life in denser populations, offer cooperative and shared housing, help educate about land trusts, creating smaller footprint homes, and innovate solutions for shared utilities and amenities.

Problems may occur with speculation lending which could potentially add higher cost to the project, not to mention taking the money out of local business and moving it to a large corporate lending institution. Our town (Port Townsend) responded to this conundrum by starting its own Local Invest Opportunity Network. Their mission (as is GreenPod’s®) is to build a prosperous local business, keep investing money in our community, and to help build a more resilient and sustainable economy in East Jefferson County. Some of the issues addressed are:

  • Aging in Place communities that allow people to stay in their own homes rather than go to assisted living before they are ready.
  • Vocational training to locally build homes, furnishing and permaculture.
  • Temporary or rental housing so we alleviate guest bedrooms.
  • Green project office, facilitating help and advice
  • Foods education for children supplies schools.
  • Community garden, helping to build relationships within the area,
  • Sharing farm resources to reduce costs and build a united local agricultural presence.
  • Community housing and affordable land trust area (CLT)
  • Multiuse Community Kitchens
  • Local funding and
  • Walk able neighborhoods that provide close access to shopping and activities
  • Clustered accessory pods that promote cottage industries.

Tacoma Washington Real Estate or maybe another state. Joining intentional , eco villages and find the people with land ready to work with you. We have a team that can help facilitate a healthy sustainable place that you call home.


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