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Our new prefab homes with Seattle area designs, embodies respect for the environment and incorporates the work of local craftsmen, making each a unique jewel. GreenPod® homes are designed to the highest Built Green and LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) certifications with our 5 Star Criteria for Living consisting of: Healthy Air, Energy Conservation, Sustainability, Water for Life, and Beauty.

We believe each home should be designed to optimize the site so all plans are customized. This concept differs from other new prefab homes in Seattle as GreenPod® also offers a variety of selected natural interiors products that promotes healthy indoor air quality. We have developed varying styles which complement the homes in different areas and landscapes.

One of the options we provide are factory built homes. This is appropriate for remote building sites and with limited labor options. The Pods can be built in as little as six weeks. Transportable PODs range from 200-700 square feet and can be stacked or joined in many variations such as accessory dwelling units (ADAs), home offices or rental cottages. Modulation in homes and furnishings are more versatile for owners of Seattle new homes.

The second and more versatile options is to build the Greenpod home on site.  This option is sometimes preferable to certain lending institutions and does not limit the width or height allowing any custom home size. The preconfigured construction is assembled and ready for wiring in just a few days.

Our team helps to develops a realistic budget for the whole project, GreenPod® projects the site cost involved then calculates the home cost. The customer selects a style, roofing material, windows, siding, flooring, HRV or solar panels with our experts giving you benefits and savings. Checking off a list of options for your home makes it easier to get to a set price that the customer can afford without dealing hidden costs. We start with the energy efficient shell.  Then we offer options with finishes and our new line of modular furnishings and components.

GreenPod’s® 3D design tools can help the individual looking to visualize a custom home and how it fits to the site.